Use Time or Lose Time

“Primetime. Basking in the line. Cassius in his prime. Coloring out of the line. ‘Cause they don’t want nobody that’s colored out of the line, so I’m late as a...Colored People Time.” -Kanye West

Boy I tell you. If being late was a crime, I would have served a few years. 

And it’s an awful look. 

Yes, I know there is a lie some people believe that it looks cool to show-up late.

Pro Tips:

If attending a networking event, show up 30-minutes early. 

Why Not? 

You can scope the place. Get a bit comfortable. If it’s a Happy Hour, converse with the bartender. Create that connection and now you’re the liaison between others when they arrive. 

Wow, I need to do this myself. You can gather more information about the theme of the event.

You’re putting yourself in position to meet more people i.e. the point of networking!

Same rules apply to a party. 

By knowing all the details for the party, when guests arrive you’re the “Best Guest” because the host is probably running around like a chicken with its head cut-off and you’re able to help make things run smoother.

CP Time= Colored People Time but I’ve got a newbie…It means “Cost Profit” time. 

The difference between losing money and making money is seconds, minutes, hours. 

Just check the Stock Market. Think about who gets promoted at work. 

No one who's late. 

Every second you’re late, is one less dollar you make. 

“ ‘cause my seconds, minutes, hours, go to the almighty dollar and the almighty power…”-Lil Wayne 

Punctuality is essential to success. I repeat.

“Use time or lose time.”

Disagree? Think being early/late/on-time doesn’t matter DM me and tell me why.

Sir Aimézing out.


  1. Time is of element and using others time means alot. So with this being said be on time period....


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