“We’re Still The Kids We Used to Be...”

“We’re still the kids we used to be...I put my hand on the stove, to see if I still bleed, ‘cause nothing hurts anymore and I feel kind of free…”
Did you ever draw a picture as a small child?
And then show it to mom or dad, and they “gassed” it and said it was nice. How did you feel? It was a stick figure with crayons or markers all over the place, some misspelled words and sun. 
If you showed it to your teachers, did they blow you off? Or did they engage, ask questions and let you explain what you created? 
That’s what it means to show interest in others.
We all are still little kids in our core. 
Drawing stick figure pictures with our houses, cars, clothes, businesses. Talking with someone about a passion is the adult version of, ‘Show & Tell.’ 
Sometimes we need to watch the show.
Yes, this can come at a price. I’ve been the victim of being the respectful young person who gets caught in a conversation that extends way past the simple, “Hello” that was my intention.
There is beauty in that conversation.
Sometimes we feel like we don’t have anyone to talk to. Circumstances for some may be, they lost their spouse. And that emptiness remains, and heightens by the day because they can’t roll over and say, “Good Morning.”
So, the next time you’re in a situation to listen and let someone speak, show a little love and see how much that person will appreciate your time. 
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Sir Aimézing out.


  1. Very important to let people know how u feel about their efforts in their endeavors


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