"Show Interest In Others."

“...Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak…” Excerpt from James 1:19

How many people fail at listening? So caught up in our phones that we pay no attention to the human standing in front of us. News Flash! Our phone is replaceable. 

Every single part of it. Want to know what it isn’t? 

Our family.

Our friends.

Even the stranger on the train that smells funny. There are 7.8 billion people roaming the planet but only one version of us all!

Show interest in others.

This has been a struggle for me because sometimes I honestly don’t care to listen to what someone has to say. But, then I’m reminded that when I speak, I like how it feels to know somebody else is listening.
*Actively Listening.

Take a moment. 

Think about how great it feels to talk about good news. Then, consider someone else looking at you like you’re a ghost and ignoring every word. 

Stings a bit. 

Oh, you don’t care? It doesn’t matter if people listen to you? 

You don’t have to lie to me. Or yourself. Never underestimate the connection you can make just by listening to someone speak.

Have you ever shared someone’s post? Do you know what it means to a creative for someone to share their work? 

It’s inspiring. 

It’s what keeps them going on the bad days. 

When we were children, if we drew a picture and nobody wanted to see it. Not mom, dad, grandma, teacher...then we would've never drawn again. 

Tell people their picture is nice. And sometimes let them explain to you what their favorite part of it is.

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Sir Aimézing out.


  1. It's always important to listen to another speak. You may have an impact on what they say, its not always about self.


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